Rechmaya is a beautiful village in the Aley District of Lebanon, about 33 kilometers from the capital, Beirut, and anywhere from 300 to 1000 meters above sea level.
The town is tucked within green mountains.

Ra’s el miyah, (the original meaning of Rechmaya in Syrianic language), this village is known for its pure water, drawn from its river, al Tannour. It’s a remote and invigorating place, where you can bathe and tan in the middle of Nature.

A must-see spot is Deir Seer, an old monastary where “Amir bashir chehab” planted the famous “jawzeit el mir”, with breathtaking views of the entire region and endless sites for hiking and camping under the stars. Not to forget the drive to the first electricity centrale at the bottom of the valley, and other incredible sights and experiences.

Wherever you go, you’ll always feel welcome in Rechmaya, where everyone is kind and helpful. But as the home of The Cheerful Spirit, kindness is only natural.