Our still is named Matilda, for the grandmother who loved these lands for decades. Now, as a 100-liter stainless steel column still, she produces our smooth and velvety gin. You can still taste the love.

To entertain our old Matilda, we brought a surprise… another still, double the size, the capacity and the quality.

Juliette, our 2oo st steel, name after the distiller’s grandmother, helps Matilda in the production and both craft the best lebanese spririts!

Located at Al-Ain part of Rechmaya, Matilda and Juliette invite you for a tasting in the renovated cave, overviewing the beautiful mountains of the region, lay in the garden with a perfect serve of Jun.

The distillery shop is open too where can buy your favorite bottle and refill your empty one as well! 🙂