Our still is named Matilda, for the grandmother who loved these lands for decades. Now, as a 100-liter stainless steel column still, she produces our smooth and velvety gin. You can still taste the love.

Located at Al-Ain part of Rechmaya, Matilda invites you for a tasting in the renovated cave, overviewing the beautiful mountains of the region, lay in the garden with a perfect serve of Jun.


Explore our approach to gin-making, as well as our 9 distinct botanicals, in a tour that lets you learn through the lips.

Tasting lasts 1 hour. After that, you can lay in the garden, to the sounds of music, nature, and the soft cracking of ice inside glass. Cheerful drinks will be served from our weekly menu, along with a platter of nibbles.

Open on weekends, starting June 22. (celebrating music festival!)
Minimum 2 persons. Maximum 20 persons.

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or call us on +9613776821.