Jun is juniper – and 8 other botanicals. It’s the month of June – and every other month of summer too. It’s Arabic – and English, or maybe little of both? It’s made in the Lebanese village of Rechmaya, with a deep connection to Nature and a still named Matilda (she’s lovely).
Jun is a mix of many things, with a simple philosophy summed up in a single word: enjoy.
Because this is Jun. The Cheerful Spirit.

We’re making craft spirits for dreamers, nature lovers, fun seekers and cheerful people!
Adding commonly cooking classic herbs, spices and local grown fruits while distilling with the fresh pure Rechmaya water, we’re creating a distinctive range of craft gin.

After the success of our local gin JUN, we are expanding our portfolio and conceived our vodka KOR, crafted for cocktails and the arak Auf, for cheerful gatherings!

Thank you for an amazing summer season!

We are back for our winter indoor gatherings! you are welcome on week-ends from 5 to 11 p.m. for a tasting session, food and drinks in a cheerful cozy ambiance!
Open on Friday and Saturday evening.

Pre booking is required on on +961 3 278682